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Further Resources

Degrees of Discovery draws from objects across a wide range of disciplines, years, and collections. The following links will offer additional information about the various collections represented in this exhibit.


Florida State University Historical Photographs  HPUA 2016-003


Florida State College for Women Botany and Bacteriology Ledger Book, 1918-1940  MSS 2003-009


Jim and Betty Lou Joanos Collection, 1909-1957  HP 2010-016


Russell H. Johnsen Papers, 1952-1987  MSS 2005-006


Ken Van Assenderp Collection, 1963-2010  HP 2010-005


Heritage Protocol General Photograph Collection  HP 2007-00G


Deep-C Consortium Records, 2011-2015  HPUA 2015-038


Carrie Forehand Crocker Collection, 1931-1947  HP 2007-025